Will Psoriasis Ever be Cured?

Are you living with psoriasis? Kushly CBD wants to shed light on health issues around the world to spread awareness. To have a platform customers can explore treatments. For the month of August, we want to focus on Psoriasis Awareness. This will help our customers understand the science behind diagnosis as well as ways to reduce symptoms.

What Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is extremely common, affecting over 3 million Americans currently. Not only is this systemic inflammatory disease genetic, but it is also a “chronic disease.” This means there is no known cure. Those who experience symptoms such as elevated itchy plaques of raised red skin covered with silvery scales. Psoriasis can commonly be found on the elbows, knees, and scalp. Some even report signs of the disease on their legs, nails and… delicate areas.

To put it simply, psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder where the immune system works overtime. It rapidly produces more and more skin cells when your body doesn’t need this kind of replenishment. As the preexisting healthy skin cells pile up with new skin cells, they can start to accumulate on the external layers of the skin. When your body cannot properly nourish these “piles” of unnecessary skin cells, they become dry, itchy and irritated skin patches. Some even describe the patches as “scaley.”

While psoriasis has no current cure, many of those affected have spoken out and shared their stories. Whether it be trial and error of treatments or successes, the psoriasis community has become a crutch for one another, sharing tips and tricks on how to combat this frustrating disease.

So We Ask, “Will Psoriasis Ever Be Cured?”

This is a tough question to ask the science community. It takes countless attempts to turn theory into reality – and there is an abundance of current theories regarding psoriasis. There are some cure-related theories about psoriasis and with modern age moving into alternative treatments, we may be right around the corner from a true solution.

Consider Psoriasis Remission as a means to escape this disease. Much like how cancer can go into remission, psoriasis can as well. Whether it be due to a hormonal imbalance, proper care of the affected areas, change in climate or sheer luck, many patients have reported their symptoms going away completely.

In short, your body attacks the cells it makes – which is where psoriasis originates. In some cases, your body allows for the skin cells to be produced and instead of attacking the herds of cells, it will heal the areas. While this can be considered a “solution,” there are no true ways to plan around remission. However, regular treatments and skin-friendly supplements have been reported to put some individuals into psoriasis remission.

Treatment Options for Psoriasis

Psoriasis can be tricky for individuals, especially when finding a treatment that works best with them. While the diagnosis is the same, each and every person has a particular skin type, with needs as unique as the individual themselves. There are a few different groups that encompass treatment options for psoriasis patients.

Topical Treatments

Some may prefer applying solutions directly to the problem areas and, in some cases, this is the perfect solution. One of the most popular topical treatments are topical corticosteroids. These creams can be purchased over the counter and are usually among a selection of similar products to choose from. Depending on the brand chosen, these creams can dramatically reduce inflammation and irritation.

Some have chosen to use Vitamin D analogues or Anthralin, both of which act to help slow down skin cell reproduction and growth. In successful cases, patients saw little-to-no signs of their regular symptoms return after regular use.

The super-simplified topical option would be a general moisturizer, purchased from just about anywhere. We all have our favorite lotion or body butter and they may not seem like enough to combat psoriasis. However, there are some cases where revitalization can be reached with moisturizing the skin properly.

With a plethora of options to choose from, it is recommended that when treating psoriasis, patients opt for a natural option. Skipping over as many of the harmful chemicals in ingredients as possible. While cheap, popular lotions may seem to work at first, they have been shown to ruin oil production in the skin, making users dependent on the product.

Therapeutic Light

Light/laser treatments can be dramatically effective and somewhat uncomfortable for patients. Everyone reacts differently to different treatments. However, there is a hearty amount of reviews online for these kinds of treatments – most of which report sensitive skin, dry patches or irritation after laser treatments. In most cases, these side effects are reduced by general moisturizers and over-the-counter options.

One of the most popular light therapy options per the National Psoriasis Foundation, is broadband UVB, or UVB phototherapy. This specific treatment is basically artificial sunlight, able to treat specific problem areas and large-scale psoriasis. There are some at-home options, some of which involve simple machines that you can easily purchase on Amazon. Needless to say, a doctor or professional should be consulted before starting self-treatments.

An obvious light option that has proven to help countless patients is true sunlight! That’s right – a day resting at the beach, relaxing by the pool and even outdoor chores and activities can be huge assistants to pursuing psoriasis remission. Many professionals even encourage mixing and matching lotions for the desired SPF effect, creating the perfect moisturizing protection for your skin.

Oral/Injected Medications

While this option should be considered a last resort, there are many success stories with this kind of treatment as well. While there is a never-ending list of medications that a doctor may prescribe, some of the more popular names are:

  • Retinoids
  • Methotrexate
  • Cyclosporine
  • Drugs that alter the immune system (biologics)

Each of these are described in detail here.

Who Else is Affected by This Disease?

Unfortunately, psoriasis sufferers are pretty common, affecting 1-2% of people in the united states. After the math, this would mean that nearly 5.5 million people have been diagnosed with psoriasis and are looking for effective treatments. As mentioned, the psoriasis community is strong and supportive of each other, lending a helping hand when need be.

Below is a list of popular icons that have openly discussed their personal struggles with the disease and how they have learned to combat it.

Health did some awesome research on popular figures and their opinions psoriasis. Here are some famous icons dealing with psoriasis are:

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Art Garfunkel 
  • Dara Torres
  • Jon Lovitz
  • Cara Delevingne
  • Cyndi Lauper
  • Jonathan Van Ness

Related Health Issues

Psoriasis can seem like a simple skin irregularity, but it can lead to so much more than that. Any disruption to an individual’s physical form can lead to many mental health-related complications, as it leads to increased stress within average situations. For someone with psoriasis, even grocery shopping can quickly turn into a game of coverup and hiding from the public. Recent information points to statistical evidence that most patients with psoriasis are also predisposed to complications such as obesity, diabetes, and early cardiovascular diseases.

If you or someone you know is struggling with psoriasis, seek medical attention for physical and mental upkeep. Check out Better Help, where they have an abundance of resources to make sure you can get back to the best “you.”

What Can CBD Do for Psoriasis?

Balance – everything comes back to balancing your body to achieve peak health. When it comes to CBD, consumers can use it to help reduce a vast list of issues. Working to regulate imbalances within your body. To start revitalizing your system, CBD will allow you to balance your Endocannabinoid System, which helps general regulations and upkeep of your immune system and other functions of the body.

Aside from long-term health goals that the intake of CBD can provide, the more immediate effects can be most promising to patients with psoriasis. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory abilities of CBD, those who are dealing with irritation and discomfort from their symptom areas can apply products directly to the area for nearly instant effects. Anti-inflammatory properties not only bring down irritation but support healthy skin regeneration as well. Many of those with psoriasis have experienced skin cracks where it has become dangerously dry and brittle. When applying CBD to these areas, you’re helping combat the swelling that can keep the wound from fully healing.

CBD Products for Treating Symptoms of Psoriasis

One of the most promising attributes of the Kushly CBD product line is the potential for versatility. In our mission to improve the global quality of life, we want to be sure customers can choose their own way to introduce CBD to their schedules.

Helpful tips & tricks on how to make our CBD product line work for psoriasis needs:

Dark Matter
  • This is the perfect wash for those who fight cracking or damaged skin due to psoriasis. Many patients don’t know that their healing time can dramatically increase due to the presence of bacteria within irritated skin. Dark Matter is formulated to be the first step in revitalizing your skin by removing toxins and promoting skin health.
  • Now that you’re working with a clean wound with less irritation, apply this healing oil to boost regeneration and avoid scarring. Packed with natural essential oils, Afterglow acts as a protectant and provides nourishment to your skin.
Nano Enhancer
  • Due to the high bioavailability of this product and its water-soluble capabilities, it can be added into nearly anything. It mixes well with beverages and lotions, making this the perfect product to help balance your endocannabinoid system when ingested and resolve problems long term, or help with instant irritations and discomfort with topical application. 
Isolate Dropper
  • Bound to MCT (coconut oil), this product has been around since the creation of Kushly CBD. Whether you prefer dropping a dosage under your tongue, adding to meals or dropping directly onto problem areas, Isolate Droppers have proved their worth time and time again. Virtually flavorless, these make CBD possible everywhere.
Asteroid Gummies
  • For those who have preferred medications for their psoriasis issues, we know it can come with a mental toll. Remind yourself of everything your capable of by diminishing your anxiety with a daily dose of CBD via these delicious gummies.