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Getting the effects you need quickly can be difficult. Especially when considering the amount of labels claiming their “fast-acting” ingredients will do the trick. With Nano CBD Shots, Infinite CBD has engineered recipes to improve energy levels, detoxify the body and induce healthy, restful sleep.

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How is Nano CBD Different from CBD Isolate?

To put it simply, NANO CBD particles are much smaller than that of CBD Isolate. We utilize nanotechnology to give customers the opportunity to have a faster-acting product if Isolate has not been assisting in the way they hoped it would. With Nano CBD Shots in particular, we wanted customers to know they had a quick fix to daily issues that the general
The Lineup

To ensure customers receive the assistance they need, three separate formulas have been crafted and catered to the constant needs of individuals everywhere. Showcasing our Nano CBD Energy, Rest and Detox Shots, this lineup allows for your daily dose of CBD with the necessary boost to improve your quality of life.

Energy – 10MG

Have you ever felt a sudden rush of energy depletion, or experienced a morning where you can’t seem to find the motivation to get out of bed? Nano CBD Energy Shots are the perfect way to comfortably give your body the extra boost it needs without pesky caffeine jitters.

These shots are packed with B Vitamins for energizing effects, ginger extract for blood circulation, taurine for reducing sleepiness and improving reaction time and eleuthero to improve performance and memory.

Rest – 10MG

Per the American Sleep Apnea Association, 70% of adults report having trouble sleeping at least one night a month. With Nano CBD Rest Shots, Infinite CBD aims to eliminate as many health-related problems as possible. Prepare your body for a full night of well-rested sleep, ready to wake up and take on the coming morning.

This recipe is based on natural ingredients so that you can ensure healthy effects. Utilizing valerian root as a natural sedative, melatonin to ease your brain functions, and tryptophan for optimal sleep and mood, these shots are a perfect addition to any evening ritual.

Detox – 25MG

Hangovers and general burnouts alike, sometimes we need revitalization to reach peak health. Nano CBD Detox Shots were formulated to return you to your best self.

This recipe includes ginger extract, milk thistle, green tea, beet root powder, vitamin B complex and vitamin C. Each of these ingredients were hand picked due to their ability to return your body to a comfortable, healthy state.

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