There are hundreds of CBD products on the market, but there’s one big distinction between them. Cannabidiol products come in two varieties: full spectrum and isolate. As you time to determine which products are best for your needs, and ultimately which ones to purchase, understanding the difference between these varieties is essential. It’s time to understand CBD full spectrum vs isolate.

What is CBD Full Spectrum?

Full spectrum CBD is also known as whole plant phytocannabinoids. What makes CBD “full spectrum” is based on how it’s made.

When extracted from the hemp plant with solvents, full spectrum CBD includes not only CBD, but a variety of other compounds. From cannabinoids, to terpenes, to a variety of other essential minerals, this variety of CBD deceptively has everything going for it.

While many people attribute full spectrum CBD with the entourage effect, full spectrum CBD can’t guarantee a few things that consumers might want. For example, full spectrum CBD can also contain trace amounts of THC, which some users might not want to consume. Additionally, while full spectrum CBD can contain terpenes, these terpenes are not optimized to the user’s condition they hope to alleviate via CBD.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is a consistently made isolate product. Using hemp plants and a natural solvent, scientists can specifically extract Cannabidiol, leaving all other plant matter behind from the extraction process.

Additionally, when CBD is isolated, users can be sure of its potency and pureness. No remaining solvents, cannabinoids, or terpenes remain. This ensures that ultimately, you can have a CBD product catered specifically to your needs.

What are the Benefits of CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is far more versatile, making the benefits of CBD isolate endless.

First, CBD isolates contain no THC. This is beneficial for those seeking THC-free experience. In addition to being a pure product, CBD isolate can easily be adapted to user’s specific needs.

For example, certain terpenes can be added to CBD isolate to provide user’s with specific types of relief. From pain, to sleep aids, terpenes are easily combined with CBD isolate to provide individuals with consistent and specific effects.

CBD isolate is blended into coconut oil. This natural fatty acid makes CBD more bioavailable, is easy on the stomach, and provides consumers with many additional heart-healthy benefits.

Lastly, because CBD isolate doesn’t contain plant matter, there’s no grainy or earthy aftertaste. This makes the CBD isolate experience not only more delicious, but makes CBD isolate easy to integrate into other products, like gummies.

Where do I Find CBD Isolate Products?

From lotions to droppers and capsules, there’s a CBD isolate product for everyone.

All Infinite CBD products are made using CBD isolate. This means that you have access to CBD isolate whenever you have internet access or in our retail partner locations.

CBD Full Spectrum vs Isolate

There’s no way to compared full spectrum CBD to CBD isolate. They’re far too different. If you’re looking for a consistent, pure, and versatile CBD experience, CBD isolate is the option you’ve been searching for.

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