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What is CBD Topical Salve?

Tired of dealing with those frustrating aches and pains? Infinite CBD’s Freezing Point offers a cooling and natural ingredient recipe for sore muscles and joints. With variations showcasing CBD isolate and our Nano technology, you’re able to apply this unique blend of natural ingredients to problem areas as needed. This unique blend of peppermint oil, eucalyptus, camphor oil and CBD (whether it be isolate or NANO).

Cream or Salve?

Choosing between Freezing Point Salve or Freezing Point Cream is a simple choice to make. Their desired effects are relatively the same, including the same quantity of ingredients and cooling sensation. What dramatically sets these products apart is their medium – as salves and creams differ in terms of use.

Why Salve?

  • Long-lasting topical
  • Catered to faster skin healing
  • Works well on skin irritations

Salves should be the go-to product for areas of skin that don’t require extra hydration. Using a salve is a more comfortable approach to skin irritations, inflammations, and wounds. Muscle and joint pains under a brush burn would experience the most relief after a salve has been applied to the area as opposed to a cream option. These can be messy considering the fact that they don’t absorb into skin as efficiently as lotions and liquid-based products.

Why Cream?

  • Hydrates skin effectively
  • Targets deeper pains
  • Water-based formula (quick absorption)

Creams should be applied to areas that require hydration and deep relief. Because creams are usually water-based products, their absorption rate is much faster than that of a salve. You may have noticed that the Freezing Point – Extra Strength is not offered as a CBD topical salve, but instead a 2oz bottle of lotion. This has been engineered to relieve deep pains quickly.

Extra Strength or NANO?

Depending on your personal situation, the decision between Freezing Point Extra Strength and NANO Freezing point should be made carefully. NANO CBD is a newly improved way to make sure you get the most out of CBD absorption. The single CBD particle is broken down into a much smaller form, making its “bioavailability” increase – meaning that it can be absorbed at a faster rate.



While you may have found that CBD has changed your life for the better, have you considered CBD for dog owners? Pet owners around the world are starting to introduce the CBD trend to their beloved pets, assisting with a variety of medical conditions. While there has been a vast amount of positive feedback from pet owners, there are still many questions regarding CBD and pets.

Improving the Quality of Life for Your Furry Friends

It is becoming more common for dogs and other animals alike to be diagnosed with behavioral and physical disorders. Whether it be separation anxiety, increased stress levels, aggression or lack of appetite, this kind of diagnosis will traditionally lead to the administration of narcotics. While this kind of sedation can be necessary, it is also a gut reaction to a professional evaluation.

Most vets aren’t allowed to suggest CBD as an alternative supplement for your pets due to the youth of the research that backs up claims of success. At Infinite CBD, we want you to know that there are other options. Keeping pets happy and healthy is crucial for any caring pet owner, and harsh medications can lead to loss of motivation, lack of personality, immobilization and in some extreme cases, fatality. CBD for dogs owners, cats and other companions can dramatically improve their quality of life.

Is it Safe?

Given the FDA has not released a dosage suggestion for those who take CBD or give it to their pet. Furthermore, leading animal organizations, including the ASPCA, suggest owners consult veterinary clinics to determine whether or not CBD is right for your pet. While it may seem minimal to a newcomer to CBD, we want to me sure that our customers, as well as their pets, start small and build up to their desired serving size.

For starters, we suggest 1MG of CBD per 10LBS of body weight for human intake. For pets, 0.25MG per 10LBS of body weight is suggested. This is not to say that your pet may need more. Always consult a veterinarian before adding CBD to your pet’s regime. While this option may be an incredible shift for some, it may not be the best solution for all.

Is it Just Dogs?

The truth behind CBD is that it all relies on the endocannabinoid system. Giving CBD to an organism without an ECS would be a waste of cannabinoids, as the organism would not have the capabilities to break down these chemicals for their benefits. Luckily, that fact is mute. Current scientific studies show us that all vertebrates and invertebrates have an active ECS, meaning that the majority of household pets could benefit from cannabinoids.

Click here for an in-depth analysis of the endocannabinoid system and how it works to process CBD.

Products for Pets

Infinite CBD works night and day to understand the fine line between the wants and needs of our customers. As we enter the realm of pets and their needs, customer feedback has been our driving force. Thanks to our dedicated consumers, our team has been able to get the gears of creativity moving, opening up a realm of possibilities for how to help to improve the quality of life for pets, worldwide.

Our original release for pets was the Pet Droppers, still holding the crown for the most coveted pet product. Providing a variation of this product for small or larger animals, customer testimonials have shown that dogs go crazy for these droppers. With a coconut-based recipe, dogs are drawn to the aroma, reacting to these treatments as treats.

Our newest release for the pet product lineup is the Launch Pad, a topical protectant and hydration solution for your companion’s paws and nose. Use for moisture retention in the hot summer months, or as a protective layer against the chill of winter. Launch Pad is engineered to revitalize the most sensitive and utilized areas on your pup. This product works for any furry friend with paws and a nose!



Whether you’re looking for a restful sleep, an extra boost in the morning or an overall health and revitalization, Nano CBD Shots are the perfect solution to daily struggles.

What is Nano CBD?

Have you heard about Nanotechnology? It is a groundbreaking practice where scientists are able to manipulate matter on a supramolecular level. Scientists have turned to this kind of science for a multitude of reasons. In the case of Nano CBD, the real perk is its bioavailability.

Everyday, products with glorious health potential enter shelves and just as quickly get ruled out by customers. In some cases, the high turnover can come from the inability for the body to absorb all available nutrients. To a consumer, this seems to be a failing product, unable to deliver the promises of the label.

To put it plainly, nanoparticles are insanely small in comparison to normal particle size. Thanks to their size, nanoparticles are easier for your body to absorb allowing for a more trustworthy experience. At Infinite CBD, Nano CBD is promoted as effective and versatile, ensuring customers get more instant, noticeable effects.

What Are the Options?

Nano Energy, Rest and Detox are all chemist formulated and engineered to give you a healthy serving of CBD while solving the trickiest, most common issues.


For those looking for help getting out of bed in the morning, a boost during a workout or cramming for an exam, we offer the Nano Energy Shot. Packed with 10MG Nano CBD, B-vitamins and other nutrients, this citrus-flavored shot offers customers the opportunity to increase productivity and elevate mood and motivation. Nano CBD aids in helping these ingredients gradually process through your body, avoiding the popular “come down” that other energy supplements can lead to.


After a long day, it can be difficult to clear your mind and fall into a deep sleep, rejuvenating yourself for the upcoming day. For struggles like these, the Nano Rest Shots can provide the solution. Blending 10MG of Nano CBD with valerian root extract and melatonin help you relax and slip peacefully into a deep sleep. Thanks to nanotechnologies, these shots are fast acting and gradually dissipate, skipping the rough mornings that prescription sleeping medications can cause. Customers can enjoy a sweet strawberry-guava treat before heading to bed.


Getting back to peak health can be difficult for some customers. After a wild night out, getting over an illness or giving your morning vitamins an extra boost, Nano Detox Shots revitalize your system. Utilizing 25MG of Nano CBD, ginger extract, milk thistle and a handful of other nutrients, Detox Shots bring you back to your best self, ready to take on any obstacle.

In many cases, customers have referred to these as a “hangover cure,” easing upset stomachs and combating nasty hangover symptoms.

How Can I Get Nano Shots?

CBD Nano Shots are available for retail customers and wholesale clients. You may even notice Infinite CBD products arriving to your local liquor store, gas station or dispensary! Every day, Infinite CBD grows and expands, allowing our customers easier access to the products they need.

The easiest way to get your hands on some Nano Shots is to order at, or call in and have the dedicated customer service team get the order in.




This month we are excited to recognize CannaBliss Comfort LLC as Augusts CBD Wholesaler of the Month. Located in Brownsville, Tennessee, CannaBliss Comfort LLC offers locals the opportunity to improve their quality of life with an impressive range of CBD products. After over 20 years of banking, Christina, the owner of CannaBliss Comfort LLC, realized her passion for remedies. CannaBliss Comfort LLC bloomed shortly after, bringing in customers from over 100 miles away.

Joining the team!

Connecting with the Infinite CBD team was natural for Christina. Opening her doors to a product line that would perfectly please her customers. She has found a promising market in her location, catering to men and women just over middle age and older.

Since carrying Infinite CBD products, Christina has established full reports on local success stories. Watching CBD improve the quality of life all around her has made an impact on her. Christina has seen dramatic improvements in customers mobility, mood, pain and mental health. Therefore, she continues to promote CBD as a healthy, natural alternative to other medicinal options. Moreover, Christina hosts local learning sessions to educate her community on the benefits of integrating CBD into their daily rituals.

“This brand just speaks to me,” she said. “Everything has gone over so well and my sales rep, Dan, has worked so hard to make sure I get what I need for my customers.”

CannaBliss Comfort LLC has a webpage as well as a Facebook page where customers are able to schedule appointments to find out if CBD would be a possible solution for them! On the website, you will find a variety of Infinite CBD products. If you are local in the area, schedule an appointment to learn how you can easily incorporate CBD products into your daily routine.

Popular Products

Christina shared that she has had a particularly high demand around Freezing Point CBD Topicals and Charlotte’s Web – Absolute Zero.

  • Freezing Point; is a topical product formulated to combat aches and pains. The combination of cooling ingredients like menthol, peppermint, and camphor in addition to CBD penetrates deep into the body to help reduce a tense body.
  • Absolute Zero; use this product in almost any and everything. Absolute Zero is the most pure for of CBD and can be smoked, added into food or drink, or used as an ingredient for many DIY recipes. Gain all the potential benefits of CBD by consuming how it works best for you.

Interestingly enough, Christina’s customers have found an interesting way to utilize Absolute Zero. Some customers will come in with gout (gouty arthritis), a buildup of crystalized uric acid deposits into joints – usually on the foot. This can cause severe discomfort and can return even after being medically treated. For familiarity’s sake, the retention rate is close to that of a bunion. For Christina’s customers, they have found that rubbing the Absolute Zero onto the area can noticeably reduce painful symptoms. The scrubbing sensation helps break down the crystallization under the skin and simultaneously reduces inflammation, leading to a faster recovery time.

Christina has also perfected her homemade, CBD-infused honey suckers that you can purchase from her shop. These act as the perfect treat for a pick-me-up or something to grab for the kids on the way out.

Customer Testimonial

One of Christina’s regular customers, Jimmy, has had a successful experience using the Afterglow Healing Oil, leading to a speedy recovery for his fresh tattoo!

“I’m super impressed. I’m covered in ink and this is the fastest heal I’ve ever had. There wasn’t even scabbing. That blew my mind.”

Wholesale with Infinite CBD

Interested in wholesale opportunity with Infinite CBD? Check out our website and see what the future holds in store. We offer competitive pricing with chances at promotional discounts. Contact our Sales Team to learn more!



Look past our regular deals and opportunities for discounts, and look closely at the products that can change your customers lives for the better. Finding products they want and need can be a tedious task. If one thing is true, it is that customers are as unique as their fingerprints – coming from different walks of life, each headed in different directions. As a business owner, it can be difficult to find products that attract so many different demographics at once. Infinite CBD is proud to house a product line engineered to fit a wide range of preferences.

As a wholesaler, you may be wondering which product can exercise the most versatility. In truth, appealing to more people means more “bang for your buck.” As it happens, nanotechnology has allowed for a drastic change in the CBD industry. Not only have we been able to break down our CBD particles to nearly 6x their original size, but we have given an option for an entirely new experience.

The Difference

When talking about CBD isolate, the facts are simple. Hemp plants are packed with CBD. Even more than the popular cannabis plant which is famous for the THC-heavy flowers or “bud” they are able to produce. Then CBD is extracted from the plant, leaving behind the majority of its other cannabinoid siblings. From here, Infinite CBD is able to fuze pure CBD isolate to MCT/coconut oil (this is thanks to the fats within this oil) and can be mixed with a variety of recipes to create beloved products.

So you might be asking what the difference between Nano and Isolate truly is. In short, size matters.

When creating NANO CBD, the difference in processing starts after extraction of the “raw” CBD particles. Thanks to nanotechnology, we’re able to break down this particle to the smallest possible size, increasing the effects and decreasing absorption. With particles as small as these, customers should consider the bioavailability of these products. Not only are the effects quicker to feel and more intense, but they stick around for a much shorter period of time. For someone utilizing Nano CBD for pain, this will probably lead to smaller, more consistent dosage.

Versatility at Its Finest

Our NANO CBD lineup is short, sweet and to the point. Simplicity is key when acknowledging daily struggles that could potentially be resolved by CBD. The Infinite CBD team wanted to make sure that NANO customers are not asked to change their lifestyle or schedules to fit solutions. Instead, we have released products engineered to be quick, versatile and effective.

  • First, we have our Nano Enhancers. Water soluble, these droppers are susceptible to color changes just like our Isolate Droppers. These can easily be added to drinks, lotions, food prep – anything you can think of! These are offered in three different dosage options, allowing customers to purchase their exact needed amount. 
  • Next is our Nano Freezing Point Cream, offering an entirely new experience for sore muscles and joints. Our formula for Freezing Point has stayed exactly the same except for the type of CBD we’re infusing the cream with. Nano Freezing point is the same cooling, refreshing experience our customers love, now with more immediate effects for optimum comfort. 
  • Then we have our vegan-friendly, non dairy Nano Coffee Creamer in both French Vanilla and Hazelnut flavors. This product works perfectly in tandem with coffee, offering the effects of NANO CBD just as quickly as the effects of caffeine. Both offered in 100MG bottles, these creamers become the perfect way to start your day. 
  • Last but certainly not least are our Product of the Month, Nano CBD Shots! With Nano Energy, Rest and Detox, there is truly a place for each of these throughout the day. Each with their own individual flavor profiles, these shots offer customers the exact CBD boost they’re looking for when they need it. 

Getting Started

Have you considered setting up a wholesale account with Infinite CBD? Our clients regularly express gratitude for our regular sales and opportunities to save when purchasing products your customers need. If interested, follow the link here to get started! Our dedicated sales team will match you with an agent to walk you through the process and begin improving the quality of life for your customers.