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Whether you’re looking for a restful sleep, an extra boost in the morning or an overall health and revitalization, Nano CBD Shots are the perfect solution to daily struggles.

What is Nano CBD?

Have you heard about Nanotechnology? It is a groundbreaking practice where scientists are able to manipulate matter on a supramolecular level. Scientists have turned to this kind of science for a multitude of reasons. In the case of Nano CBD, the real perk is its bioavailability.

Everyday, products with glorious health potential enter shelves and just as quickly get ruled out by customers. In some cases, the high turnover can come from the inability for the body to absorb all available nutrients. To a consumer, this seems to be a failing product, unable to deliver the promises of the label.

To put it plainly, nanoparticles are insanely small in comparison to normal particle size. Thanks to their size, nanoparticles are easier for your body to absorb allowing for a more trustworthy experience. At Infinite CBD, Nano CBD is promoted as effective and versatile, ensuring customers get more instant, noticeable effects.

What Are the Options?

Nano Energy, Rest and Detox are all chemist formulated and engineered to give you a healthy serving of CBD while solving the trickiest, most common issues.


For those looking for help getting out of bed in the morning, a boost during a workout or cramming for an exam, we offer the Nano Energy Shot. Packed with 10MG Nano CBD, B-vitamins and other nutrients, this citrus-flavored shot offers customers the opportunity to increase productivity and elevate mood and motivation. Nano CBD aids in helping these ingredients gradually process through your body, avoiding the popular “come down” that other energy supplements can lead to.


After a long day, it can be difficult to clear your mind and fall into a deep sleep, rejuvenating yourself for the upcoming day. For struggles like these, the Nano Rest Shots can provide the solution. Blending 10MG of Nano CBD with valerian root extract and melatonin help you relax and slip peacefully into a deep sleep. Thanks to nanotechnologies, these shots are fast acting and gradually dissipate, skipping the rough mornings that prescription sleeping medications can cause. Customers can enjoy a sweet strawberry-guava treat before heading to bed.


Getting back to peak health can be difficult for some customers. After a wild night out, getting over an illness or giving your morning vitamins an extra boost, Nano Detox Shots revitalize your system. Utilizing 25MG of Nano CBD, ginger extract, milk thistle and a handful of other nutrients, Detox Shots bring you back to your best self, ready to take on any obstacle.

In many cases, customers have referred to these as a “hangover cure,” easing upset stomachs and combating nasty hangover symptoms.

How Can I Get Nano Shots?

CBD Nano Shots are available for retail customers and wholesale clients. You may even notice Infinite CBD products arriving to your local liquor store, gas station or dispensary! Every day, Infinite CBD grows and expands, allowing our customers easier access to the products they need.

The easiest way to get your hands on some Nano Shots is to order at, or call in and have the dedicated customer service team get the order in.




This month we are excited to recognize CannaBliss Comfort LLC as Augusts CBD Wholesaler of the Month. Located in Brownsville, Tennessee, CannaBliss Comfort LLC offers locals the opportunity to improve their quality of life with an impressive range of CBD products. After over 20 years of banking, Christina, the owner of CannaBliss Comfort LLC, realized her passion for remedies. CannaBliss Comfort LLC bloomed shortly after, bringing in customers from over 100 miles away.

Joining the team!

Connecting with the Infinite CBD team was natural for Christina. Opening her doors to a product line that would perfectly please her customers. She has found a promising market in her location, catering to men and women just over middle age and older.

Since carrying Infinite CBD products, Christina has established full reports on local success stories. Watching CBD improve the quality of life all around her has made an impact on her. Christina has seen dramatic improvements in customers mobility, mood, pain and mental health. Therefore, she continues to promote CBD as a healthy, natural alternative to other medicinal options. Moreover, Christina hosts local learning sessions to educate her community on the benefits of integrating CBD into their daily rituals.

“This brand just speaks to me,” she said. “Everything has gone over so well and my sales rep, Dan, has worked so hard to make sure I get what I need for my customers.”

CannaBliss Comfort LLC has a webpage as well as a Facebook page where customers are able to schedule appointments to find out if CBD would be a possible solution for them! On the website, you will find a variety of Infinite CBD products. If you are local in the area, schedule an appointment to learn how you can easily incorporate CBD products into your daily routine.

Popular Products

Christina shared that she has had a particularly high demand around Freezing Point CBD Topicals and Charlotte’s Web – Absolute Zero.

  • Freezing Point; is a topical product formulated to combat aches and pains. The combination of cooling ingredients like menthol, peppermint, and camphor in addition to CBD penetrates deep into the body to help reduce a tense body.
  • Absolute Zero; use this product in almost any and everything. Absolute Zero is the most pure for of CBD and can be smoked, added into food or drink, or used as an ingredient for many DIY recipes. Gain all the potential benefits of CBD by consuming how it works best for you.

Interestingly enough, Christina’s customers have found an interesting way to utilize Absolute Zero. Some customers will come in with gout (gouty arthritis), a buildup of crystalized uric acid deposits into joints – usually on the foot. This can cause severe discomfort and can return even after being medically treated. For familiarity’s sake, the retention rate is close to that of a bunion. For Christina’s customers, they have found that rubbing the Absolute Zero onto the area can noticeably reduce painful symptoms. The scrubbing sensation helps break down the crystallization under the skin and simultaneously reduces inflammation, leading to a faster recovery time.

Christina has also perfected her homemade, CBD-infused honey suckers that you can purchase from her shop. These act as the perfect treat for a pick-me-up or something to grab for the kids on the way out.

Customer Testimonial

One of Christina’s regular customers, Jimmy, has had a successful experience using the Afterglow Healing Oil, leading to a speedy recovery for his fresh tattoo!

“I’m super impressed. I’m covered in ink and this is the fastest heal I’ve ever had. There wasn’t even scabbing. That blew my mind.”

Wholesale with Infinite CBD

Interested in wholesale opportunity with Infinite CBD? Check out our website and see what the future holds in store. We offer competitive pricing with chances at promotional discounts. Contact our Sales Team to learn more!