CBD Oil for Dogs

While you may have found that CBD has changed your life for the better, have you considered CBD oil for dogs? Pet owners around the world are starting to introduce the CBD trend to their beloved pets, assisting with a variety of medical conditions. While there has been a vast amount of positive feedback from pet owners, there are still many questions regarding CBD and pets.

Improving the Quality of Life for Your Furry Friends

It is becoming more common for dogs and other animals alike to be diagnosed with behavioral and physical disorders. Whether it be separation anxiety, increased stress levels, aggression or lack of appetite, this kind of diagnosis will traditionally lead to the administration of narcotics. While this kind of sedation can be necessary, it is also a gut reaction to a professional evaluation.

Most vets aren’t allowed to suggest CBD as an alternative supplement for your pets due to the youth of the research that backs up customers success. At Infinite CBD, we want you to bring attention to the other options. Keeping pets happy and healthy is crucial for any caring pet owner, and harsh medications can lead to loss of motivation, lack of personality, immobilization and in some extreme cases, fatality. CBD oil for dogs, cats and other companions can dramatically improve their quality of life.

Is it Safe?

The FDA has not released a dosage suggestion for those who take CBD or give it to their pet. Furthermore, leading animal organizations, including the ASPCA, suggest owners consult veterinary clinics to determine whether or not CBD is right for your pet. Infinite CBD has built our own system for suggested use. This is a great starting point for pets. While it may seem minimal to a newcomer to CBD, we want to make sure that our customers, as well as their pets, start small and build up to their desired serving size.

For starters, we suggest 0.25MG per 10LBS of body weight for pets. This is not to say that your pet may need more or less. Always consult a veterinarian before adding CBD to your pet’s regimen. While this option may be an incredible shift for some, it may not be the best solution for all.

Is it Just Dogs?

The truth behind CBD is that it all relies on the endocannabinoid system. CBD oil for dogs also benefits other pets. Here’s what you need to know. Giving CBD to an organism without an ECS would be a waste of cannabinoids, as the organism would not have the capabilities to break down these chemicals for their benefits. Luckily, that fact is mute. Current scientific studies show us that all vertebrates and invertebrates have an active ECS, meaning that the majority of household pets could benefit from cannabinoids.

Click here for an in-depth analysis of the endocannabinoid system and how it works to process CBD.

Products for Pets; CBD Oil for Dogs

Infinite CBD works night and day to understand the fine line between the wants and needs of our customers. As we enter the realm of pets and their needs, customer feedback has been our driving force. Thanks to our dedicated consumers, our team has been able to get the gears of creativity moving, opening up a realm of possibilities for how to help to improve the quality of life for pets, worldwide. Check out what Infinite CBD products would offer CBD oil for dogs best.

Our original release for pets was the Pet Droppers, still holding the crown for the most coveted pet product. Providing a variation of this product for small or larger animals, customer testimonials have shown that dogs go crazy for these droppers. With a coconut-based recipe, dogs are drawn to the aroma, reacting to these treatments as treats.

Our newest release for the pet product lineup is the Launch Pad, a topical protectant and hydration solution for your companions paws and nose. Use for moisture retention in the hot summer months, or as a protective layer against the chill of winter. Launch Pad is engineered to revitalize the most sensitive and utilized areas on your pup. This product works for any furry friend with paws and a nose!

Customer Reviews

Making sure we supply quality products for your beloved pet is of the utmost importance. Check out what our customers have said about our pet products. Is CBD oil for dogs right for you?

My dogs love this!! – I have two older dogs of different sizes, but I use the medium sized dog dropper and adjust the dose for both of them and they love it! Their anxiety is waaaaaay reduced and their mobility is better than ever! – Larissa S. / Verified Buyer

Love it! – My senior arthritic cat loves the taste, so I can easily give it to her by mouth. It has worked wonders for her ability to jump on furniture and all around get around the house. Thank you for producing such an amazing and affordable solution for my best friend! – Jessica M. / Verified Buyer

Life saver in a bottle!! – These work wonders for our little furry ones! Whether it being to help out with Macis’ joints or Jakes’ Hyperactive self. This stuff is legit!! – Zach C. / Verified Buyer



On a daily basis, we often do things to protect our bodies. Sometimes, we forget that our furry friends need some TLC as well. If you want to naturally help your pet, use CBD. Using Launch Pad, CBD Pet Salve is a natural way to protect your pets.

Why Use CBD for Pets?

Cannabidiol is one of many naturally occurring cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Again and again, studies show how CBD treats numerous conditions in animals. From allergies to arthritis, to skin conditions, CBD has proven how effective it is at protecting our furry counterparts.

The best part? CBD is all-natural and has no negative side-effects. Rather than turning to medications that can make your pet drowsy, you can use CBD to address many of your pet’s needs.

Launch Pad Pet Salve

Infinite CBD makes pet products with your pet’s well-being in mind. Recently, we released Launch Pad. Specifically designed for pets, Launch Pad naturally protects your pet’s nose and paws. Like humans hands and feet, pet’s paws and noses are often exposed to the roughest conditions.

This CBD pet salve contains CBD isolate, protective MCT oil and beeswax, and even rosemary, which is known to protect and heal the skin.

By moisturizing these areas with Launch Pad, you can ensure that your pal is feeling good and ready for your next adventure. From hot summer days to wintery conditions, this CBD product helps to protect your pet.

How to Use Launch Pad for Pets

Using Launch Pad for pets is very easy. This pet salve can easily be applied using the applicator it comes in. Simply rub it on areas that you foresee experiencing irritation. The pads on your pet’s feet or any areas irritated by harnesses are excellent places to start. In more sensitive areas, like the nose, apply Launch Pad to your finger, and then apply to the area.

Get into the habit of applying Launch Pad every day if you anticipate your pet being fussy about the application process. That way, when you head out on a hike, they won’t be caught off guard when the see Launch Pad in their day pack.

Use this pet salve on dogs, cats, other small mammals, reptiles, and even birds!

Pet Salve Protects Your Favorite Furry Friends

Containing only the best ingredients and pure CBD isolate, Launch Pad is the pet salve you’ve been looking for. Spoil your pet, protect their sensitive areas, and treat them like the family member that they are.

With CBD, your pet is protected.